Burner Frame Inserts

Burner Frame Inserts

Burner Frame Inserts offered by MPC


Electric fireplace burner


New electric fireplace burner with realistic LED flame effect.
MPC offers you the electric fireplace insert for our fireplaces or to complete existing fireplaces. Designed in Italy specifically to be recessed, it stands out for its design and technology.

The entire construction chain has been supervised by Italian technicians, right up to final packaging.

The electric fireplace burner is fitted with a motherboard that allows all adjustments with maximum savings.

Dual control possibilities, with the practical remote control or from the front panel.
It has power steps 0-750-1500, with the possibility of completely excluding the heating, so you can use it all year round with only the realistic LED flame effect.

The VULCANO electric fireplace burner offered by MPC is also ideal for completing existing fireplaces and fireplaces.


– Remote control for all functions
– Power step: 0-750-1,500W
– Real flame effect with LED light, adjustable in 6 intensity levels
– Control mode, remote control or from the front panel
– Daily – weekly timer
– Open window sensor, with buzzer alarm
– Cold-rolled metal body
– Fake wood logs
– Tempered front glass
– Dimensions 60X50,3X15 cm.
– Built-in opening size (cm) 58.4 x 49.5 cm.
– Certification: CE and ERP

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Absolutely new on the market are the MPC Burner Frame Inserts

The ideal solution for those who need to heat economically while respecting the environment.

As always at MPC we try to provide everything from the initial idea to the design, construction and final delivery.

Inserti cornici bruciatori

Above is the practical and robust packaging for shipping the electric fireplace burner.

At Fireplace Burner Inserts nothing is left to chance.

Our fireplace burners are meticulously checked in every detail before being delivered to customers, even the simple packaging box is designed to optimise transport to avoid possible breakage.



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