FUEGO PAOLO floor-standing fireplace with remote control

FUEGO PAOLO Floor Electric Fireplace with Remote Control

Floor Electric Fireplace FUEGO PAOLO: Scandinavian Design and Advanced Functionality

Looking for a touch of warmth and style for your home? The FUEGO PAOLO electric fireplace is the ideal solution, combining minimalist Scandinavian design and advanced functionality.

Elegant and Minimalist Design:
The FUEGO PAOLO electric fireplaces from the FUEGO PAOLO series stand out for their minimalist Scandinavian design, characterized by clean and elegant lines.
With compact dimensions (990x883x250 mm) and a depth of only 25 cm, they fit perfectly into any environment, from the living room to the office, and even the bedroom. It is the ideal solution for those who desire the ambiance of a fireplace without taking up too much space.

Ideal for Every Season:
Ease of Use and Versatility: Thanks to the included remote control, you can manage all functions conveniently.
This makes the FUEGO PAOLO fireplaces ideal even during the warmer months, allowing you to enjoy the flame effect without activating the heating, creating a cozy atmosphere without overheating the room.

Simple Installation and Minimal Maintenance:
Installation is intuitive, and maintenance requires only a few simple steps, making it a practical choice for every home.

Variety of Colors and Style:
The series offers a choice of 5 colors – anthracite, white, beige, gray, and oak – to meet different aesthetic preferences and seamlessly integrate into any environment.

Excellent Technical Specifications:

MDF selected wood frame
Electric Fireplace: Includes remote control, variable power (0-750-1,500W), LED flame effect with 6 intensity levels, and daily and weekly timer.
Special Functions: Open window sensor with alarm, cold-rolled metal body, faux wood logs, tempered front glass.
Certifications: CE and ERP compliance.
Innovative Features:
Advanced Functions: Digital thermostat, timer, adjustable brightness.
Advantages: No need for a chimney, easy cleaning, and simplified installation.
Suitable for: Homes, offices, shops.

Simple and Effective Maintenance:
Use a clean, dry cloth for dusting.
For the glass, use a damp cloth, avoiding abrasive products.




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Original price was: 469.00 €.Current price is: 401.00 €.


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Original price was: 469.00 €.Current price is: 401.00 €.