Fuego Fireplaces Alberto Warmth Style And Design For Home

Craftsmanship and Innovative Design:

The Fuego Alberto electric fireplaces are characterized by a wood veneer frame, carefully crafted to offer an elegant and refined look.
The finish adds a touch of modernity, making them suitable for all types of decor, both classic and contemporary.
The upper shelf, with its crown molding and beveled base, along with the center panel carved with fluted columns, exudes a classic elegance.

Power and Functionality:
At the heart of the fireplaces is a 1500W electric burner, capable of efficiently and safely heating without the typical issues of traditional fireplaces, such as smoke, ash, or constant maintenance.
Control is made simple and intuitive thanks to the remote control and front panel, allowing users to enjoy the warmth and atmosphere created with ease.

Installation and Maintenance:
One of the major advantages of FUEGO ALBERTO is the ease of installation. Without requiring a chimney, they can be placed in any room of the house, office, or commercial spaces.
Maintenance is equally straightforward, thanks to the electric nature of the burner, eliminating the need to clean ash or constantly monitor the fire.

Realistic LED Flame Effect:
The fireplaces incorporate cutting-edge LED technology to simulate the effect of flames, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in every season. This, combined with the safety of electric heating, makes the FUEGO ALBERTO series an ideal solution for those seeking the warmth and aesthetics of a traditional fireplace without its inconveniences.

Innovation for Every Environment:
These new fireplace models fit seamlessly into various settings, adding a touch of class and comfort.
Ideal for those looking to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere at home, as well as for those who want to offer a cozy experience in professional or commercial spaces.

Complete Range:
Available in four different colors – anthracite, white, black, and turquoise, catering to even the most discerning customers.
The range meets all needs for home or commercial and representative settings.



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Original price was: 499.00 €.Current price is: 439.00 €.