Shipping with certified transport packaging

We guarantee shipment with ISTA 6-certified packaging.

Robust and reliable solutions to protect your products during transport


Today, shipping costs account for a large proportion of the total cost of an order, and this sometimes drives up the price of an item.

Over the years, the growth of the electronic market has multiplied shipping exponentially, which sometimes affects the quality of transport and delivery.

For this reason, some of our customers have repeatedly complained about the quality of shipments, while noting that the packaging was artfully done, sometimes the operators themselves were not exactly ‘mirrors of fairness’ and considered more the number of deliveries than their quality.

Since we are not transporters, we have to rely on a company that somehow assures us of the utmost accuracy in getting the product delivered intact to our customers.

Sometimes this is not enough and it can happen, it has happened to us, that the goods ordered somehow arrive even partially damaged.

In particular, we have been involved in online sales for years now, both nationally and internationally, and words such as tail lift, pallet truck, electric lift, pallet, special or protected packaging, etc., are now an integral part of a sale.
Over the years, we have refined the logistical part down to the tiniest detail, but if the original packaging is not as secure as it could be, there will undoubtedly be problems.

To avoid this, we have packed our items in a ‘certified’ manner. We refer to sending goods using a type of packaging that has been certified to guarantee the safety and integrity of the products during transport. This can be especially important for fragile, valuable or dangerous items.

But how do we package our products to minimise possible breakage problems?

In this particular case we are talking about electric fireplaces, items that are robustly designed and manufactured, but sometimes, if the courier does not use all the care required of him, breakage of the item can occur.


It all starts with ISTA6 Certification

ISTA 6 (International Safe Transit Association, Standard 6) certification is an accepted global standard for packaging intended for the safe transport of goods. This particular standard focuses on the evaluation and certification of packaging intended for sending products that run the risk of being damaged in transit.

To emphasise, the ISTA 6 protocol includes a series of rigorous tests designed to replicate the real-world conditions that packaging may experience during transit. These include vibration, dropping, compression and thermal shock situations. The main intent of these tests is to ensure that the packaging is strong enough to effectively protect the transported products and prevent damage or breakage.

The ISTA 6 tests are conducted by accredited testing laboratories, which operate in accordance with the guidelines established by ISTA. Once the packaging has passed the necessary tests, it will obtain ISTA 6 certification, which confirms its suitability for safe transport.

To summarise, ISTA 6 certification is often a requirement or strongly recommended by companies and industries that handle products of a fragile nature, such as electronics, medical devices or glass. It represents a kind of quality assurance, increasing confidence in the ability to protect products during transport.

Our electric fireplaces meet these strict packaging standards, which is good for our customers, even if they sometimes reduce the total gain.

Spedizione con imballo certificato