Fuego Anna Heat Design electric floor standing fireplaces

FUEGO ANNA Electric Fireplaces Revolutionize Home and Professional Heating

FUEGO ANNA Electric Fireplaces: the perfect balance of warmth and modern design.

In today’s landscape of home and commercial heating, FUEGO ANNA ANTHRACITE electric fireplaces emerge as a cutting-edge solution that combines style and functionality. These fireplaces, characterized by a modern and minimalist design, are ideal for those seeking an efficient and aesthetically pleasing option.

High-Quality Design and Materials:
The FUEGO ANNA fireplaces, made with an MDF wood frame, stand out with their multilayer dark gray finish with a satin effect. This color choice not only gives them an elegant look but also fits perfectly with various styles of interior decor. Their versatility makes them suitable for both floor and wall installation, providing an excellent solution for limited spaces due to their depth of only 25 cm.

Performance and Innovative Features:
These fireplaces do not require a chimney, eliminating issues such as odors and residues like ash or dust. They are exempt from special permits, making them an ideal choice for homes, offices, and commercial establishments. The ease of control via remote or front panel ensures an intuitive and comfortable user experience.

Technical Details and Features:
The fireplaces boast cutting-edge technical specifications:

A 1500W electric burner with a realistic LED flame effect on 6 intensity levels.
Features such as a timer and an open window sensor, along with authentic details like faux logs.
Weekly heating programming, thermostat, digital timer, and brightness adjustment.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:
With a net weight of 11.9 kg and an assembly time of just 30 minutes, the fireplaces are designed to be installed and moved with ease. For maintenance, simply disconnect the fireplace before cleaning, periodically clean the fan, and use a dry cloth for dust, avoiding abrasive cleaners on the glass.

FUEGO ANNA electric fireplaces represent innovation in the field of heating. Offering a perfect combination of modern design, efficient performance, and user-friendliness, these fireplaces are destined to become a benchmark in the market, meeting the needs of a wide range of customers, both in the domestic and professional sectors.