Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces designed for easy installation with a particularly fine Italian design make them fireplaces that can be installed in any room, home, office or wherever you need them.

The new electric fireplaces are the evolution of the traditional wood-fired fireplace. The charm of the traditional fireplace, however, remains.

The image of crackling fire in electric fireplaces has a timeless charm that is not lost thanks to these modern electric fireplaces, which are equipped with accessories such as realistic flame effect, burnt wood, pebbles and electric braziers.

With no wood to burn, no flue, and no soot, you can have just the beauty of the fireplace without having to worry about dirt or fatigue.

An electric fireplace is therefore a valid and convenient alternative to the traditional wood-burning fireplace suitable for all those people who want to furnish their homes with a touch of style and originality.

The new electric fireplaces are offered in the series, ASCIANO, CALDERA, CETONA, PIENZA, SIENA, SORANO, in different colours.

All are technologically advanced and as common features have:

– 7-day programmable heating programme
– Digital thermostat
– Electronic timer
– Open window detection
– Adjustable brightness
– Remote control
– LED flame technology

Also offered by MPC, the electric fireplace series includes the CETONA model in grey.

This timelessly classic style electric fireplace is perfect for your living room, office or bedroom and can transform any room into an elegant and cosy space.

Made of high-quality multilayer cladding
The integrated LED light is very realistic. The depth of only 28 cm makes it space-saving, perfect for any room.

Like all MPC electric fireplaces, the CETONA series has excellent technical features
– Remote control supplied for all functions
– Power step: 0-750-1,500W
– Real flame effect with LED light, adjustable in 6 intensity levels
– Control modes, remote control or from the front panel
– Daily – weekly timer
– Open window sensor, with buzzer alarm
– Cold-rolled metal body
– Fake wood logs
– Tempered front glass

At the express request of our customers, MPC has created an electric fireplace with a minimalist design in the SORANO series.

Elegant, simple, compact, these features make it fit into any environment, home, office, hotel or commercial. Available in 4 colour variants, black, dark grey, ivory and white.

Easy to install in any environment with minimal maintenance over time.
The electric fireplace comes with a remote control that controls all functions.
You can use it in all seasons, even the warm season, with only the realistic LED flame effect.