Fireplace Frames

Difficult to assemble an electric fireplace frame?


Absolutely not, we always equip our frames with the relevant manual that explains step by step how to do it easily and safely.

The frames on sale are supplied with everything needed for assembly.

Just follow them to make the finished product stable and long-lasting.

All frames are made of excellent MDF wood, but what is MDF?

It is basically a panel made of very fine wood fibres bonded together by adhesives, substances that make the whole thing extremely compact. Unlike chipboard or plywood, MDF lends itself to being processed like solid wood, avoiding the classic crumbling of other materials, thus making this type of wood particularly suitable for restoring old tables and making furnishings, tops and furniture of various kinds.

The versatility of this wood has allowed the creation of the exclusive line we offer.

The back of the fireplace frame is clean and organised to accommodate our electric burners, or, if you have one of your own, you could insert it here.


Everything is designed for durability.


There is a wide range of colours, allowing it to fit into any furnishing context, home, office, hall, large accommodation, even industrial.

This is the complete assembled fireplace, a true interior design element for any room. The clean design makes it fit well into any environment, and in this way you can complete the decor of rooms in your home or office.

The versatility of the wall-mounted fireplace is also guaranteed by its small size and minimal weight, which meets all requirements.

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