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FUEGO Innovative And Stylized, The Fuego Monica Blanco Fireplace Blends Into Any Setting. Its Refined Design, With a White Multi-layer Finish Shelf, Boasts An Elegant Arched Center, Slender Columns, And a Frame With Gently Rounded Edges.

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Explore elegance and modernity with FUEGO electric fireplaces. Our brand offers the perfect combination of innovative design and advanced technology, bringing warmth and style to your environment. With FUEGO chimeneas, you will enjoy a cosy and welcoming experience, enriching your home with a touch of contemporary sophistication. Choose the quality and distinctive aesthetics of our FUEGO electric chimeneas for a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

Product Description

Fuego Monica Blanco Wallmounted Fireplace With Remote Control Frame And Burner 1500w White
Innovation and style meet in the FUEGO-MONICA-BLANCO electric fireplace. Its clean, minimalist design blends perfectly with any room that needs a touch of warmth. The shelf, with a white multi-layer finish, is distinguished by its arched centre, smooth columns and central frame with rounded edges. The integrated LED light gives a surprisingly realistic flame effect. Thanks to its depth of only 25 cm, it fits harmoniously into any space.

Operation is made simple and intuitive with the included remote control, allowing the flame effect to be activated even without the heating function. For those who want a more direct approach, options can be easily selected from the front panel.

Main features of the FUEGO-MONICA-BLANCO:

Frame details: White finish, compact dimensions and quick assembly.

Firebox details: Equipped with a remote control for all functions, LED light adjustable to 6 levels, daily and weekly timer, and an elegant design with fake logs.

Other features: No chimney required, easy installation without permits, and a range of advanced features such as weekly programming, thermostat and dimmer.

Maintenance tips:
Always ensure that the fireplace is switched off and unplugged before carrying out any cleaning operations.
Keep internal parts clean by using a hoover on the fan/heater.
Clean fingerprints and halos from the glass with a damp cloth.
Avoid aggressive cleaning agents on the glass.

  • 1-Avant-Garde Design: The FUEGO-MONICA-BLANCO combines a clean, minimalist design that is ideal for modern environments seeking a touch of class.
  • 2-Adaptability: With a depth of only 25 cm, the fireplace can be integrated into any space, making it a versatile piece of furniture.
  • 3-Realistic Flame Effect: The built-in LED light provides an incredibly vivid and cozy flame illusion, enriching the atmosphere.
  • 4-Easy and Intuitive Control: In addition to the remote control for convenient management from anywhere in the room, the front panel allows direct selection of features.
  • 5-Refined Details: The shelf with white multi-layer finish, arched center, and frame with rounded edges are details that enhance the quality and elegance of the product.

Electric Fireplace for wall and floor, minimal design FUEGO FUEGO MONICA BLANCO
White Electric Fireplace With Led

Electric Fireplace for wall and floor, minimal design FUEGO FUEGO MONICA BLANCO
White Electric Fireplace With Led
Weight 418 kg
Dimensions 36 × 120 × 24 mm