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FUEGO Enhance Your Environment And Your Spaces With Fuego Alberto Negro, An Electric Floor And Wall Mounted Fireplace. Sporting a Black Frame And a 1500w Burner, It Promises a Magnetic View With Its Authentic Led Flame Effect.

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Explore elegance and modernity with FUEGO electric fireplaces. Our brand offers the perfect combination of innovative design and advanced technology, bringing warmth and style to your environment. With FUEGO chimeneas, you will enjoy a cosy and welcoming experience, enriching your home with a touch of contemporary sophistication. Choose the quality and distinctive aesthetics of our FUEGO electric chimeneas for a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

Product Description

Fuego Alberto Negro Wallmounted Fireplace With Remote Control Frame And Burner 1500w Black
Enhance the atmosphere of your office with the FUEGO ALBERTO NEGRO electric fireplace, a floor and wall element that combines elegance and functionality. With its black frame and black 1500W electric burner, it offers a captivating visual experience thanks to its realistic LED flame effect.

In short, the electric fireplace is a combination of sophisticated design and efficiency, ideal for those seeking a touch of class without sacrificing practicality.

Design and Functionality:
– Frame: The chosen MDF wood veneer gives the fireplace a refined look. The multi-layer black finish of the shelf, embellished with a crown moulding and a bevelled base, stands out in particular.
– Central Panel: The artistic carving with fluted columns perfectly matches the chamfered base, making the fireplace a focal point in any room.
– Installation is easy and maintenance minimal.
– Control the fireplace with the remote control or from the front panel.
– Enjoy the effect of LED flames all year round

Ease of Use:
– Installation: Its design allows for easy installation in any space, making it suitable for both domestic and professional environments.
– Remote control: As well as offering convenient remote control, the remote control allows you to control all the functions of the fireplace. If you prefer, you can also manage the settings directly from the front panel.
– Seasonal versatility: Don’t limit yourself to using it only in winter. Thanks to its LED flame effect, the PIENZA fireplace is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in all seasons, including warm weather.

– No chimney required.
– No smell, dust or ash.
– No authorisation required.
– Ideal for home, office or business.

Frame Specifications:
– Finish: Black.
– Dimensions: W 1100mm x H 949mm x D 250mm.
– Weight: 22.8 Kg. Weight with packaging: 25 Kg.
– Packaging dimensions: W 1220mm x H 210mm x D 360mm.
– Assembly in only 30 minutes.

Firebox details:
– Remote control included.
– Adjustable power: 0-750-1,500W.
– LED flame with 6 intensity levels.
– Alarm for open window.
– Made of laminated metal, with fake logs and tempered glass.
– Dimensions: 60X50.3X15 cm. Opening: 58.4 x 49.5 cm.
– Certifications: CE and ERP.
– Technical characteristics:

Weekly heating programme.
– Digital thermostat and timer.
– Open window detection.
– Variable brightness.
– Weight: 9.3 Kg. Weight with packaging: 10.8 Kg.
– Packaging dimensions: W 660mm x H 560mm x D 210mm.

Maintenance Tips:
– Switch off and unplug before cleaning.
– Vacuum the fan periodically.
– Wipe with a dry cloth and remove fingerprints from the glass with a damp cloth.
– Avoid abrasive cleaners on the glass.

  • 1-Sophisticated Aesthetics: The MDF wood veneer gives the FUEGO ALBERTO NEGRO fireplace a luxurious look, while the black multi-layer finish, accented by crown moldings and a beveled base, adds a touch of timeless sophistication.
  • 2-Artistic Focal Point: The carefully carved center panel features fluted columns that, in combination with the beveled base, not only elevate the aesthetics of the fireplace but also serve as an extraordinary focal point for any space.
  • 3-Ease of Use and Maintenance: With a well-thought-out design, the FUEGO ALBERTO NEGRO fireplace offers easy installation while requiring minimal maintenance. This makes it ideal for both offices and homes.
  • 4-Complete Control: With the flexibility to control the fireplace either via a remote control or via the front panel, users can enjoy a hassle-free user experience, easily adapting it to their preferences.
  • 5-Immersive Visual Experience: The carefully designed LED flame effect provides a realistic simulation of flames, allowing users to enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere of a fireplace all year round, regardless of the season.

Black electric floor and wall fireplace with remote control FUEGO FUEGO ALBERTO NEGRO
Black Electric Fireplace With Remote Con

Black electric floor and wall fireplace with remote control FUEGO FUEGO ALBERTO NEGRO
Black Electric Fireplace With Remote Con
Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 1216 × 26 × 45 mm