FUEGO Fuego Galia Blanco Creamy White Combines Elegance And Functionality. For Living Rooms, Offices Or Rooms, It Enriches Spaces With Warmth, Style And Impresses With The Led Flame Effect. It Fits Anywhere And Offers Control Via Remote Control Or Panel.

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Explore elegance and modernity with FUEGO electric fireplaces. Our brand offers the perfect combination of innovative design and advanced technology, bringing warmth and style to your environment. With FUEGO chimeneas, you will enjoy a cosy and welcoming experience, enriching your home with a touch of contemporary sophistication. Choose the quality and distinctive aesthetics of our FUEGO electric chimeneas for a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

Product Description

Fuego Galia Blanco 1500w Wallmounted Fireplace With Remote Control Frame And Burner Dark Gray
With its multilayer cladding, the FUEGO GALIA BLANCO in a creamy white finish represents elegance in the form of an electric fireplace. Perfect for enriching living rooms, offices or bedrooms, this fireplace transforms any room into a sophisticated and warm place. In addition to its heating function, it can only be appreciated for its realistic LED flame effect. With a depth of only 28 cm, it integrates easily into any space, and is fully controllable via remote control or front panel.
The FUEGO GALIA BLANCO fireplace is a piece of art in MDF, complete with remote control, ready to enrich any space.

Fireplace frame specifications

Finish: cream white
Dimensions (mm): 1137L x 1022H x 282P
Packaging dimensions (mm): 1250L x 320H x 420P
Weight: net 28 kg, gross 31 kg
Assembly: 30 minutes

Firebox specifications

Control: remote control and front panel
Power: 0-750-1,500W
LED flame effect: 6 intensity levels
Functions: daily-weekly timer, open window sensor with alarm
Materials: laminated metal, fake logs, tempered glass
Dimensions: 60X50.3X15 cm
Built-in opening: 58.4 x 49.5 cm
Certification: CE and ERP

Additional features
Programming: weekly heating
Display: digital thermostat, electronic timer, brightness control
Details: open window detection, LED flame technology
Weight: net 9.3 kg, gross 10.8 kg
Packaging dimensions: 660L x 560H x 210P

Maintenance tips
Before cleaning, make sure the device is switched off and unplugged.
Clean periodically with a hoover.
Use a dry cloth to remove dust and a damp one for marks on the glass. Avoid abrasive cleaners.

  • 1-Elegant Finish: The multilayer cladding in a creamy white finish of the FUEGO GALIA BLANCO makes it a masterpiece of design. This fireplace, with its sophisticated finish, adds a touch of class to any room, emphasizing a refined taste in decor.
  • 2-Functional Versatility: In addition to being a source of heat, the FUEGO GALIA BLANCO also serves as a decorative element due to its realistic LED flame effect. This dual functionality makes it perfect for those who desire not only warmth but also an atmospheric ambient glow.
  • 3-Optimizing Spaces: With a shallow depth of 28 cm, this fireplace is designed to fit perfectly even in tight spaces, offering maximum flexibility in furnishing and allowing easy integration into different environments.
  • 4-Ease of Control: Managing the functions of the fireplace is made simple and intuitive with the provided remote control and front panel. Whether you want to adjust the temperature, the intensity of the flame, or turn it on and off, every function is at your fingertips.
  • 5-MDF construction: The FUEGO GALIA BLANCO, made of MDF, ensures high durability and strength. This material, known for its strength and ease of workmanship, ensures that the fireplace maintains its elegant and sophisticated appearance over time.

Cream White Electric Fireplace with Remote Control, LED Flam FUEGO FUEGO GALIA BLANCO
Electric White Fireplace Complete

Cream White Electric Fireplace with Remote Control, LED Flam FUEGO FUEGO GALIA BLANCO
Electric White Fireplace Complete
Weight 418 kg
Dimensions 125 × 42 × 32 mm