FUEGO The Alberto Fuego Full Electric Fireplace Offers a Cozy Atmosphere Experience With a Powerful 1500 Watt Heating System. With Its Realistic 3d Fire Scenery, It Creates a Compelling Visual Illusion Of Dancing Flames And Burning Embers.

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Explore elegance and modernity with FUEGO electric fireplaces. Our brand offers the perfect combination of innovative design and advanced technology, bringing warmth and style to your environment. With FUEGO chimeneas, you will enjoy a cosy and welcoming experience, enriching your home with a touch of contemporary sophistication. Choose the quality and distinctive aesthetics of our FUEGO electric chimeneas for a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

Product Description

Fuego Alberto Blanco 1500w Wallmounted Fireplace With Remote Control Frame And Burner White
Introducing the FUEGO ALBERTO BLANCO: an electric indoor fireplace that combines craftsmanship and power. With a wood veneer frame and a 1500W electric brazier, it is an elegant addition to any space. Its top shelf boasts a crown moulding and beveled base, all done in a dark grey finish. The attractive carved centre panel with fluted columns lends a classic touch.

Installation and Functionality:
Simple installation and easy maintenance.
Full control via remote control or front panel.
Enjoy the realistic effect of LED flames in every season.

Distinctive Advantages:
No chimney.
Absence of odours and dust.
Minimised maintenance: no ash.
No authorisation required.
ideal for home office or business

Frame details:
Finish: white
Dimensions: W 1100mm x H 949mm x D 250mm.
Weight: 22.8 Kg. Weight with packaging: 25 Kg.
Packaging dimensions: W 1220mm x H 210mm x D 360mm.
Quick assembly in 30 minutes.

Specifications Firebox:
Remote control included.
Variable power: 0-750-1,500W.
LED flame effect with 6 intensities.
Timer and open window sensor alarm.
Made of laminated metal with imitation logs and tempered glass.
Dimensions: 60X50.3X15 cm. Opening: 58.4 x 49.5 cm.
Certifications: CE and ERP.

Technical characteristics:
Weekly programmable heating.
Digital thermostat and timer.
Variable brightness.
Weight: 9.3 Kg. Weight with packaging: 10.8 Kg.
Packaging dimensions: W 660mm x H 560mm x D 210mm.

Maintenance and Care:
Be sure to switch off and unplug before cleaning.
Clean the fan periodically with a hoover.
Remove dust and fingerprints from the glass with a damp cloth.
Avoid abrasive cleaners on the glass.

  • 1-Refined Craftsmanship Design: The FUEGO ALBERTO BLANCO is not just a fireplace: it is a masterpiece of art. Its wood veneer frame, charming carved center panel and fluted columns are testaments to unparalleled craftsmanship that adds a classic touch to any room.
  • 2-Powerful and Functional: The combination of the wood veneer with a 1500W electric brazier ensures not only fine aesthetics, but also efficient and powerful heating, making any room cozy and warm.
  • 3-Total Control: With the remote control and front panel, you will have total control over the temperature and effect of the flames, allowing you to customize the environment to your preferences.
  • 4-Stunning Realism: The realistic effect of LED flames provides a warm and charming atmosphere throughout the year, regardless of the season.
  • 5-Easy Installation and Maintenance: Designed with the user in mind, the FUEGO ALBERTO BLANCO model is easy to install and maintain, ensuring a pleasant and trouble-free experience for a long time.

Alberto Electric Fireplace Elegance and Warmth Without Bound FUEGO FUEGO ALBERTO BLANCO
Alberto White Electric Fireplace

Alberto Electric Fireplace Elegance and Warmth Without Bound FUEGO FUEGO ALBERTO BLANCO
Alberto White Electric Fireplace
Weight 358 kg
Dimensions 1216 × 26 × 45 mm