FUEGO The Fuego-omar-blanco, With Its Creamy White Finish, Transforms Any Room Into a Sophisticated Corner. Ideal In Any Season, It Combines Heating Functionality And a Realistic Led Light Effect. Perfect For Living Room, Office Or Bedroom.

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Explore elegance and modernity with FUEGO electric fireplaces. Our brand offers the perfect combination of innovative design and advanced technology, bringing warmth and style to your environment. With FUEGO chimeneas, you will enjoy a cosy and welcoming experience, enriching your home with a touch of contemporary sophistication. Choose the quality and distinctive aesthetics of our FUEGO electric chimeneas for a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

Product Description

Fuego Omar Blanco 1500w Wallmounted Fireplace With Remote Control Frame And Burner White Crema
Ideal floor-standing fireplace for every season. The FUEGO-OMAR-BLANCO is distinguished by its superior multi-layer cladding. With its creamy white finish, it offers a sophisticated and exclusive design. This electric fireplace is the ideal accessory to enrich your living room, office or bedroom, transforming the room into an elegant and cosy place. It can be used as a source of heat on cold days or as an atmospheric element thanks to its realistic LED light.

With a depth of just 28 cm, it is practical and adaptable to any space. The remote control allows you to control all functions, including lighting the flame independently of the heating function. Alternatively, settings can be adjusted directly from the front panel.

It can also be used in the warmer months and provides a pleasant LED flame effect.

Fireplace frame specifications
Finish: creamy white
Dimensions (mm): Width 1140, Height 1023, Depth 282
Packaging dimensions (mm): Width 1250, Height 320, Depth 420
Weight: net 28 kg, gross 31 kg
Assembly: 30 minutes

Firebox details
Control: remote control included, front panel
Power: 0-750-1,500W
Flame effect: realistic LED light, 6 intensity levels
Functionality: daily-weekly timer, open window sensor with alarm
Materials: laminated metal, fake logs, tempered glass
Dimensions: 60X50.3X15 cm – Opening: 58.4 x 49.5 cm
Certifications: CE and ERP

General features
Programming: weekly heating
Features: digital thermostat, timer, open window sensor, adjustable brightness
Technology: LED flame
Weight: net 9.3 kg, gross 10.8 kg
Packaging dimensions (mm): Width 660, Height 560, Depth 210

Maintenance tips
Before any work is carried out, switch off and unplug the appliance.
Recommended periodic cleaning with a hoover for the fan/heater.
Use a clean cloth to remove dust and fingerprints from the glass.
Avoid abrasive cleaners or sprays on the glass.

  • 1-Seasonal Versatility: The FUEGO-OMAR-BLANCO is perfect for any season, functioning as a heat source or as a weather element.
  • 2-Refined Design: With a creamy white finish of the CALDERA model, it exhibits a sophisticated and exclusive design that will enrich any room.
  • 3-LED realism: Realistic LED light creates a cozy and enveloping environment, perfect for relaxing evenings.
  • 4-Spatial Adaptability: With a depth of only 28 cm, it fits perfectly in small spaces while maintaining an elegant appearance.
  • 5-Full Control: Supplied with a remote control, it allows full management of functions, including the option to light the flame without activating the heater.

OMAR white electric wall-mounted fireplace with remote contr FUEGO FUEGO OMAR BIANCO
Omar White Wallmounted Electric Firepla
Weight 418 kg
Dimensions 1215 × 267 × 365 mm